Design Bureau-1 (In Russian: Konstruktorskoye Byuro-1) was established in 1997 for the purpose of developing new radio electronic systems. Design Bureau-1’s main scientific and industrial projects include systems and components for Russian and international radar systems, electronic and computer systems, consumer electronics, power electronics, and complex electronic and computer systems of pattern recognition used in medicine.

Today, Design Bureau-1 is a self-contained high-tech enterprise with high scientific and technological potential, knowledge-intensive production, and many years of experience in serial production techniques.

The enterprise has developed a closed life cycle for its products, which allows it to carry out a full range of activities: from fundamental and applied research, development, and manufacturing advanced IT-management tools to operation, modernisation, maintenance and, finally, disposal.

The enterprise possesses technological equipment for manufacturing, configuring and testing various types of civilian radio-electronic products. Its products and components are used in different fields of modern industry both in Russia and abroad.

One of the enterprises main projects – both in scientific and industrial terms – is the development and production of ferrite products. It is a full-cycle operation that begins from the moment ferrite materials are obtained to the development of completed ferrite products, which are then shipped to clients.

At present, the total volume of ferrite products produced at Design Bureau-1 is over 500,000 units per year. Ferrite products developed at Design-Bureau-1 are widely used in modern radar systems, radio and computer technology, medicine, home appliances, and unique, specialised products – both in Russia and globally.

Design Bureau-1’s capabilities include:

  • 1. The development of systems for collection, processing and analysis of monitoring data.
  • 2. The development of HIL simulators for training purposes.
  • 3. The development of HIL simulation tools and physical tests in order to carry out testing of different technological sample units.
  • 4. Development of software and hardware complexes for mathematical and HIL simulations.

In the last few years alone, the science and technology centre at Design Bureau-1 completed an entire series of highly complex projects in the area of science. These include:

  • Development of software and hardware systems for mathematical and HIL simulations to conduct research (or testing) and evaluation of complex control systems for the receiving and processing of optical, opto-electronic, radar and radio trajectory measurements, as well as signal radiotelemetric, seismic and acoustic measurements.
  • Creation of HIL simulator complexes for the development of practical management skills and skills needed for control of complex management systems.

Design Bureau-1’s Science Director is Dr. Igor Ashurbeyli.