The Elpa Research Institute OJSC is one of the oldest Russian companies involved in developing and manufacturing piezo ceramic materials, piezo ceramic, elements, piezo technical products and acousto-electronics devices for electronic equipment and systems designed for both civilian and military use.

About 200 people work at Elpa today, including 15 PhDs and more than 90 highly qualified specialists.

Since 2007, Elpa banks its future on the technical re-equipment of production. It has developed a unique software package for designing CAD surfactant structures of various devices and analyzing their characteristics, for use in radio frequency devices.

Elpa delivers products to 173 enterprises all over the world, including Belarus, Hungary, Kyrgyzstan, China, Israel, and the United States.

Over the past 3 years, the company has tripled the sales volume of its products. This was possible thanks to constant innovation and inflow of young specialists.