Founded in 1957, the Plandin Arzamas Instrument Plant JSC is one of the leading Russian industrial enterprises. The plant is the largest company of its kind in Socium. Its main product line today is that of precision measuring equipment and tools – for civilian use, as well as for the space, aviation, and defence sectors.

For over half a century now, the plant has accumulated vast experience in the design and manufacture of a diverse spectrum of precision gas meters used everywhere from major gas pipelines to private households, real-time water meters and real-time oil concentration meters, as well as gyroscopes, medical equipment such as precision dentistry devices, control systems, on-board computing machinery, electric components for radar systems, and so much more.

The plant is also investing into the future and helping raise a next generation of high-qualified specialists. It is responsible for the establishment of the Department of Innovative Industrial Technologies at the Arzamas Polytechnic Institute (itself a branch of Novosibirsk State Technical University).