Socium was founded by Dr. Igor Ashurbeyli in 1988. At the time, he was a young scientist, and Socium was just a small software company – yet it was also one of the first companies of its type, borne out of the Soviet Union’s new economic policies. Founding it was a risk – and an adventure.

Today, Socium Holding has over 10,000 employees at over 30 companies.

Socium’s main goal is the development of a self-sufficient economic, organisational, and social infrastructure, which would provide – through large-scale use of advanced engineering and information technology, attentive personnel policies, and a positive corporate culture – an exceptionally creative and economically thriving environment for all Socium members, its partners, directors, managers, staff, and clients.

Socium’s slogan, Per Socium Ad Astra, is meant to emphasize the need for community and cooperation amongst people in their post ambitious endeavours.

Socium member companies include such well-known enterprises as the Maloyaroslavetsky Instrument Factory, FazAR LLC, Krasnoye Znamya Research & Production Centre, Elpa Research Institute OJSC and over 30 other companies operating in many diverse sectors within the fields of science, technology and the social sphere.