Igor Ashurbeyli
humanity and competence
Glass-ceramic material for microwave technology
Russian Federation patent, #2393124, primary rights from 2007

The invention relates to glass-ceramics and glass used for their production. The invention is ntended for the production of electronic products, mainly phase shifters, controlled antenna array modules. It has low dielectric loss in the microwave range, combined with a relatively high dielectric constant. The technical result – providing reception of predetermined and maintained within a certain range values of the dielectric constant and dielectric loss tangent. Vitrocrystalline material for microwave technology is based on SiO2, Al2O3, MgO, TiO2, wherein the glass needed to produce it, contains a mass %: SiO2 35,5-38,5; Al2O3 22,8-25,5; MgO 20-22,7; TiO2 16,2-18,8, is treated using heat via regimen: heating to a temperature of 1170-1240 ° C at 80-300 ° C / h, kept at this temperature for 4-7 hours, cooled to room temperature at a rate of 80 -200 ° C / h.

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