Igor Ashurbeyli
humanity and competence
Complex radioelectronic weapons systems: planning and management of development
Radiotekhnika Publishing, 2010

This monograph provides general characteristics of weapons and military equipment as objects of systemic study, as well as discusses military, scientific, and technological challenges to be solved within the various life cycle stages of such equipment. It outlines the basics of quality control, efficiency theory and operations research; the basics of decision-making theory, as well as optimisation goals with a comparison of alternatives for scalar and vector quality indicators; the methods of expert estimation of chosen objects. Various aspects of systemic research, conducted during the conceptualisation and development of weapons and military equipment, are described; statistical methods of processing and analysis of experimental data, including variance, regression and factor analysis methods as well as methods for research trials, are described. The system of equipment testing is described, and contents of research trials are provided. Considerable attention is paid to methods of experimental research.

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