On Sagittarius 24 (November 28), the fourth sitting of the Supreme Space Council (SSC) of Asgardia was held in Moscow, at the office of the Chairman of the Council, Head of Nation Dr Igor Ashurbeyli.

The sitting of the SSC was attended by the Head of NationIgor Ashurbeyli, the Chairman of ParliamentLembit Öpik, the Prime MinisterAna Mercedes Diaz, the Supreme Justiceof Asgardia Yun Zhao and Executive Secretary of the sitting Dmitry Gulko. More than 10 key issues were discussed at the meeting

The Tallinn event was recognized a success

SCC members had a detailed discussion of the event held by Asgardia at November in Tallinn: the physical sitting of the Parliament, the Executive Congress, and the government sitting.

The results of the above events were recognized to be successful and the next annual comprehensive physical sitting was scheduled for November 2020 in Cyprus. The venue was chosen with a clause: should there be a country ready to sign a bilateral agreement on the recognition of Asgardia as an independent state by the time of the meeting, the venue could be moved to that country.

Digital Parliamentary Sittings in 2020 are to be held in February, May, and August

Asgardia Justice and Citizenship Congress will be held in Montreal

The Head of Nation made a proposal to define the theme, venue and dates of the Congress similar to ASIC 2019 to be held in 2020, where two areas of Asgardia's activities - scientific and financial - were presented.

The SSC members proposed two theme options: Justice and Citizenship, Culture, and Foreign Affairs. After discussing both options, the SSC members unanimously decided to hold the Asgardia Congress of Justice and Citizenship in Montreal, Canada, in May 2020. It was also decided to hold the Executives Congress there as well. 

The performance of the executives was assessed on the basis of a three-point scale

Igor Ashurbeyli suggested that the SSM members evaluate the performance of each Minister and Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee on a three-point scale — A, B, C.

Lembit Öpik then reported on the changes in leadership of some parliamentary committees, and then Ana Mercedes Diaz assessed each minister and spoke about possible changes in the Government. 

Yun Zhao also assessed the efforts of the chairs of parliamentary committees and ministers.

Personal assessments have been taken into account, and on their basis staffing decisions can be taken at the level of the Head of Nation, and the chairpersons of the Parliament and the Government.

Resident attraction activity will be systematized

Igor Ashurbeyli outlined a new concept of building Asgardia's population (residents). The concept is based on the establishment of a hierarchical social structure of Asgardians in accordance with the common administrative-territorial division of their earthly countries of residence.

The SSC adopted this approach as a basis, and ordered to develop the methodological guidelines for this work without delay.

This work will then be assigned to parliamentarians, ministers and mayors. The results are expected following the February and May Digital Parliamentary Sessions.

Asgardian judicial system will be detailed in legislation

The Head of Nation came up with a proposal to continue establishing the judicial system of Asgardia. Yun Zhao shared his ideas. After that, the SSC adopted a unanimous decision to establish a working group to prepare a draft law on the judicial system of Asgardia. The working group will be composed of Yun Zhao (Supreme Justice, head of the group), Salvos Mouzakitis (Chair of the Justice Committee of the Parliament), Markus Gronbach(Minister of Justice).

A legislative proposal on the judicial system will be presented for the first reading during the February sitting of the Parliament, and the draft law should be ready for the final reading for the May sitting. The draft law will take into account 4 branches of law - civil, criminal, administrative and constitutional.

In May 2020, continental judges will be submitted to the SSC for approval, with subsequent approval by Parliament. Their inauguration ceremony will be held in a festive atmosphere at the Executive Congress of Asgardia. This will be followed by the first meeting of the Presidium of the Supreme Court of Asgardia, in conjunction with the Congress on Justice and Citizenship.

By-elections to the Parliament will be announced in summer 

Lembit Öpik proposed to hold Parliament by-elections in 2020, due to the fact that the Constitution of Asgardia provides for 150 members, while actually there are just 110 MPs as of today.

The SSC decided to announce the beginning of by-elections at the August Sitting of Parliament. By-elections will be held until October 31, 2020

Establishment of bilateral relations with other countries to be intensified 

Igor Ashurbeyli proposed to start implementation of the program on establishment of bilateral relations.

In connection with the practical completion of the formation of all governmental bodies required for the recognition of Asgardia as a full-fledged independent state, the members of the SSC decided to instruct the Parliament and the Government of Asgardia to immediately begin the implementation of a set of actions to sign bilateral relations with earthly countries. 


After the long meeting, SCC members, as well as MPs and Russia-based Government officials were invited to a musical evening in accordance with Russian cultural hospitality traditions.

Noteably, this was the first time Lembit Öpik and Ana Mercedes Diaz visited Russia's capital. The Asgardian leaders were impressed with the musical surprises prepared by DrAshurbeyli. Specially for the foreign guests, musicians played songs in English, Spanish, and Chinese.

Ivan Cheberko