November 12, 2019, marks exactly two years since the launch of the Asgardia-1 satellite from the Wallops Cosmodrome (Virginia, USA). With the launch of the satellite into orbit, the world's first Space Nation has obtained its territory

On November 12, 2017, at 13:20 CET, the cubesat made by a partner of Asgardia company Nanoracks, on board of the spacecraft Cygnus, was sent into space.

Soon, Cygnus docked to the ISS, and 25 days later, on December 7, 2017, the satellite was put into a higher orbit (about 500 km) and, after moving into autonomous flight, began to operate. At the same time, the Earth received the first signal from it: 'Hello, Igor' — satellite Asgradia-1 welcomed the Head of Nation Igor Ashurbeyli.

This nano-satellite performs large-scale tasks. First, it's the extraterrestrial territory of the Space Nation. Second, it holds select personal data of Asgardians, sent into space for the first time.

The symbolic territory of Asgardia, which has none and cannot have any physical terrestrial boundaries, in addition to information about the Asgardians, also contains state symbols - the coat of arms, anthem, flag and Constitution of Asgardia.

The scientific mission of the satellite is to study the effect of space radiation on digital data storage.

The satellite is operated from the management center of Nanoracks, located near Houston.

Replenishment of the satellite database continues. It contains information about new citizens of Asgardia.

For today Asgardians already more than one million people all over the world.