Asgardian Minister of Information and Communications Lena De Winne had an offline conversation with Zolana Rui João, the general manager of the National Space Programme Management Office of Angola (GGPEN) at the International Astronautical Congress (IAC) in Washington, DC

They discussed different issues and agreed to continue communications on topics of mutual interest.

Angola is among African countries that recently announced a program to develop their space program and are expected to launch a satellite in the coming years. While Angola’s first telecom satellite, Angosat-1, failed not long after reaching orbit in 2017 (due to the fault of the Russian upper stage), the sub-Saharan African nation will get a second shot at satellite ownership with the planned 2020 launch of Angosat-2.

Insurance worth $121 million for Angosat-1 will go toward Angosat-2, while Russia covers the remaining $199 million, according to Broadcast and Media Africa.

As part of the deal, Russian RSC Energia built a control center in Funda, in north-western Angola, manned by local employees.

Ivan Cheberko