The UK’s TV audience started today’s morning of September 20, 2019 watching an ardent, yet friendly, debate between Asgardia’s Chair of Parliament Lembit Öpik and the country’s award-winning physicist and science writer Dr Martin Archer addressing the question ‘Are aliens living amongst us?’

Öpik talks about the world’s First Space Nation, ‘a brainchild of Dr Igor Ashurbeyli, a billionaire from Azerbaijan’, and its impressive undertaking of moving to space without ‘exporting problems of the Earth.’ He holds that the cosmic life-seeding plans of Asgardia support the fact that ‘If we can populate the Universe, then it’s very arrogant of us to assume that other intelligences haven’t done the same thing.’

Lembit reflects on the age of the Universe, origins of life on our planet, and intelligent inhabitants of interstellar space emphasizing that ‘Asgardia is going out there!’