A prominent news provider, MSN, approaches the multi-dimensional phenomenon of Asgardia in the context of the world’s growing space-oriented activity

MSN puts Dr Igor Ashurbeyli’s multi-billion space undertaking in line with large-scale missions of China and the US, as well as Elon Musk’s Martian project. In his effort to make space habitable, the Azerbaijani scientist successfully attracted a 1 million digital community building Asgardia’s nation of astro-residents willing to re-home to lunar bases in the next 20 years. The nation seeking to ‘resolve imperfections in human history’ has its own governors, satellite in orbit, and a special currency — the Solar.

As MSN observes, with today’s visionary-driven space-oriented activity like Asgardia’s, ‘The world is in the grip of a new space race that could see the number of satellites increase by 750% and nation states challenged by cosmic entrepreneurs and adventurers.’

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