Portraying Asgardia, the UK’s national media outlet, The I, dots all the ‘i’s in its exhaustive insight on the newest star-oriented global community’s ideas, leaders, lawmaking, finance, and technical endeavors gaining scientific and commercial attention

The article focuses on a daring project of Dr Igor Ashurbeyli, an Azeri-Russian billionaire, aiming to populate the Moon with the first human colony by 2043 and budgeting around £100 billion per ‘ark’ of its cosmic fleet to ensure human survival in case of any terrestrial cataclysm. Therefore, artificial gravity and procreation in space are currently Asgardia’s top priorities on its agenda.

According to the Nation’s Chair of ParliamentLembit Öpik, ‘We are going to always have to push the boundaries of credibility. It is going to be a continuous effort but without it we won’t get the answers to vital questions.’ That concerns Asgardia’s technical, commercial, and nation-building efforts as well as its activity within the current global trend of ‘space exploration undergoing a sort of democratization’, as the iNews reporter observes.

In October 2019, Asgardia’s ‘far-sighted practical approach to human survival’ will gather the world’s top scientists in Germany for the First Space Science and Investment Congress to address the best ways of launching roughly 15 million people to space in the next couple of decades.

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