Today, September 9, 2019, the scientist, philanthropist and businessman, a great man who follows his Dream, founder of Asgardia - the first Space Nation in human history, our Head of Nation Dr Igor Ashurbeyli celebrates his fifty-sixth birthday. His associates and collaborators, ministers and representatives of the Asgardian Parliament, honour him, sending him wishes of happiness, strength, tenacity in pursuing his goals, and express their commitment, support and faith in his Idea that they each have long taken on as their own: humanity will live in space!

Esteemed Head of Nation,

On behalf of the Parliament of Asgardia, I send you our heartfelt congratulations on the occasion of your birthday on 9th September, 2019. 

Since your previous birthday, Asgardia, the first space nation, has matured and found a self-confidence which has taken us a very long way on our inspirational journey. We have made many advances in our mission to secure the long term survival of the human race. We are closer to permanent space habitation, and closer to the first human birth in space. All of this has been achieved because you believe in Asgardia and you believe in us.

At a personal level, I thank you for all I have already learned from your leadership, vision and experience. My own role in Asgardia is a truly magnificent privilege. That’s why the birthday present I can reveal is simple: a Parliament that functions effectively - and the first truly digital democracy in human history. In this spirit, I know we will continue to make giant leaps for mankind in the years ahead.

Enjoy your birthday, Sir. 

We are standing on the threshold of a dream. You created that dream and, together, we are creating that reality. 

I remain, as always, in your service and in the service of Asgardia,

Parliament Chair Lembit Opik

Dear Igor, 

Today, on this day of your birthday, I want to celebrate the great person you are. A man whose many gifts, placed at the service of humanity, has contributed to transform the world into a more special place. With your gaze on the horizon of your ideals, your feet firm on the earth you honor, and your hands ready to carve the path that your heart and mind dictate, you have managed to create wonders without equal.

One of them is Asgardia, future heritage of humanity, incredible space world devised by you of which I have the immense joy of being part, and for which I will continue to fight until it is completely and definitely real. Generous in your aspirations, you have not limited your desires to the satisfaction of your person, but in your realization you have included societies from all over the world.

I want to remind you that today more than ever you count on me to, as Prime Minister, paint the canvas of your beautiful work. Happy Birthday! 

Prime Minister Ana Mercedes Diaz

Today is a very special day as it is the birthday of our fabulous head of nation. Through your words of wisdom, inspiration and exceptional guidance, you turned our nation to a reality with a great future! I look forward to working with you closely in the many years to come. Wishing you a very happy birthday! May this day bring you good luck, robust health and happiness!

Supreme Justice Yun Zhao

In the modern world of (in)complete forms and complex metaphors it is harder and harder to turn thoughts into the right words, and to words into deeds. Not to mention realization of ideas (equals reaching goals), especially those which are destined to surpass its times.

Dear Igor, you are an extraordinary person who shapes history of the Life itself by your power of thought, soul and imagination. I wish you an ever-living source of this power.

Minister of Information and Communication Lena De Winne

He is an inspiration and example in many different ways. Knowing and working with him is definitely unforgettable. All the best from Leon, Igor Raufovich!

Minister of Finance Leon Shpilsky

Dear Igor,
I wish you in your next trip around Sol, all good health, prosperity and fruitfulness. May during this journey many of your wishes crystallize. Best regards.

Minister of Science Floris Wuyts

Dear Igor,
I would like to congratulate you on your birthday! May you keep thriving, dream limitlessly, and always inspire the world and humanity! May the force of your vision be with you for a great new future!
Wishing you health, happiness and all the best!
Minister of Citizenship Ron Schechter

Happy Birthday Asgardia's founding father Igor Ashurbeyli.
You have awakened us and opened our eyes to a future we can help to shape so mankind starts its journey into space with wisdom.

Minister of Trade and Commerce Stephane Caiveau

Dear Igor,
when I think of exceptional people I know, You’re right at the front of the line. It’s not for your power or status or wealth; It’s because you are setting visions into reality. That is rare and unique. Nevertheless, there is one thing that is essential and necessary in order to move forward and achieve all the goals that have been set. God's blessing and health. That is exactly what I wish you from the bottom of my heart. A blessed and healthy next year and many more for you and your family!

Minister of Justice Markus Gronbach 

Happy Birthday to HoN Dr Igor Ashurbeyli! You make this world a better place because of who you are! Keep lighting the world with your awesomeness! All your dreams to come true, all kind of amazing adventures, happiness and joy! Wishing all the best to you and yours!!!

Minister of Equity and Resources Yana Smelyansky

Every new year of life represents a moment of reflection and sharing. It reflects on what we have done and what we will do and we share the results and plans for the future. I wish Dr. Igor Ashurbeyli a happy birthday and big success in the present and in the future with the hope that his vision will come true. Best wishes!

Minister of Culture Olimpia Niglio

My message will be: Happy birthday, HON, not only hardworking and inspiring but fearless and daring, dare to be the first to found the first space nation. Many want to do it  but few can do it. 

生日 快乐, Feliz Cumple, Happy Birthday, С Днём рождения, Janamdin Mubarak ho.

Minister of Youth and Education Elizabeth Diaz

Happy Birthday and Many Happy Returns to our Head of Nation and Founding Father, Igor Raufovich! May your drive, inspiration and vision continue unabated throughout this coming year.

Minister of Safety and Security Philip Appleby

It is a pleasure and an honor for me to wish You a great birthday celebration.  It is a very special day for You and for all Asgardia Space Nation and for your family, because You are our leader and We believe in You.  

You are a great world leader because You have made humanity dream that the projection of our civilization to the solar system and to other galaxy systems is possible. Faith is the most powerful man´s tool in the universe to achieve what a great leader can dream. 

In the beginning it was hard since We started from zero, and We faced disbelief from some people worldwide. But with passion, enthusiasm, values and faith our Space Nation moved forward one more year and the world started to realize that Asgardia was something special not have seen before.  Asgardia is unique and uniqueness is the secret of success.  

I know that nothing material that I can give You as a present will mean more to You than what the great values that a leader irradiates to the world. On your birthday I give You as a present one of the most important values a leader can exhibit:  tenacity, the ability to persist and resist despite all the barriers or problems We have faced, or will face ahead.  Please irradiate that tenacity to all Asgardia leaders to show the world a great example that when humankind work all together,  all in this universe is possible. 

Please make the whole world know that this humanity dream is possible. We are very close to success !!!  In the future your name will be printed in all the stars as an example to humanity of what We can achieve if We get to work together in peace and in harmony, Please count with me that We will make this humanity dream come true !!!

And as I promised to the world:

'It is time to scale our civilization from a type 0 to a type I civilization in the Kardashev Scale'

Happy birthday!

Chairman of Manufacturing Committee Fernando Jiménez Motte

Dear Dr.Igor Ashurbeyli,

On your last birthday, I told you your passion for Asgardia is inspiring and you have a very important task to lead Asgardia into the future. I am happy to once again congratulate you on your birthday, the Head of Asgardia Nation, as a fellow Asgardian. You have indeed  succeeded in creating the first ever digital space nation, and continue to inspire with your vision and your dedication. My best wishes to you and your family on your birthday and be assured of my continued support for Asgardia and yourself.

Chairman of the Citizenship Committee Benjamin Dell

The Science Committee wishes you a happy birthday, and offers full support in keeping up with the hard scientific, technological and political work, pursuing the goal of making life in space a reality.

Chairman of Science Committee Luca Sorriso-Valvo 

Happy birthday to you, dear Igor Raufovich! From the bottom of my heart I wish you health, support of your loved ones, confidence and wealth. You can accomplish everything you set your mind on, and no obstacle intimidates you. We follow you onward, to the stars. May you always get the best of everything in life.

Culture Committee Vice-Chair Svetlana Pchelnikova