The Lord then said to Noah, “Go into the ark, you and your whole family, because I have found you righteous in this generation.” Genesis 7:1 (NIV)

How much can one man accomplish in 56 years? With life’s pace being so hasty, this time can’t possibly suffice to reveal all that he is, to bring into the world all the benefit he would wish to, and shape a legacy worth as much as he would consider appropriate for his calling.

At 56, founder and Head of Nation of Asgardia Dr. Igor Ashurbeyli has every right to say he has made the best of his years: the people whose lives were enriched through his involvement, his deeds of kindness, generosity and creativity speak of him everywhere he goes.

Above all else, Dr. Ashurbeyli brought forth an Idea. One of a State with a Society that refuses to join into the race world nations have partaken in for centuries, but instead, chooses to do all it would take to live out the principle of humanism at its utmost, that of making human life possible outside of our home planet.

Mankind is yet to get to that place where it can fully embrace the revolutionary nature of this concept: Asgardia is a fairly young state, and its message has not had time to reach all of Earth’s remote places.

But the torch has been lit – and Igor Ashurbeyli is carrying it; he may rightfully be named the first man in history to have built a bridge into the future – from the past, the dark age where our society is still living today, modernizing their war machines, automatic guns and weapons of mass destruction – which renders it no different from societies of the past centuries; into the future where all human effort will serve one sole creative purpose of protecting and preservation of humanity as a species.

Today, in the midst of a race for Earth’s resources that many find exciting, and, perhaps, even in the wake of a third world war which, quite possibly, is already beginning, with the not so subtle sings we see today, not all of humanity might be ready to receive the Idea just yet. What matters, however, is that the Idea has found its followers.

Their numbers are large. Their devotion to the cause inspires, their conviction is strong, and their energy, empowering. This means that the Idea will live, grow, and conquer all. This Idea is the future.

We wish a very happy birthday to Asgardia’s creator and Author of this great Idea. 

Ivan Cheberko