Asgardia’s Head of Nation Dr. Igor Ashurbeyli met with Minister of Science Floris Wuyts, Minister of Information and Communications Lena de Winne, Chairman of Justice Committee Sotirios Alexandros Mouzakitis, on Corfu, Greece, to discuss Asgardia’s Space and Investment Congress preparations 

Asgardia’s Space and Investment Congress (ASIC) will be held on October 14-16, 2019, in Darmstadt, Germany.

Dr. Igor Ashurbeyli, Lena de Winne,Floris Wuyts and Sotirios Alexandros Mouzakitis were pleased to note a constellation of top-level speakers representing the world’s leading scientific organizations working to ensure safety for humans in space and life support for astronauts and cosmonauts, as well as an overall progress in ASIC preparations.

As of today, Dr.Mark Shelhamer, Sc.D. Chief Scientist, NASA Human Research Program, MIT professor of Astronautics Laurence Young, Head of European Astronaut Center Frank de Winne, and Chief Scientist of the Blue Horizon Companies Dr.Klaus Slenzka, among other distinguished scientists, astronauts and company top managers, have confirmed their participation in ASIC.

The Corfu meeting also covered further work to be done in areas targeted at the First Asgardian Executive Congress, namely, artificial gravity and radiation protection.

The legal scope of transnational collaboration and  legal structuring were among the addressed issues.