Asgardia constantly attracts attention of media around the world, and today is no exception. Asgardian Chairman of Parliament, Lembit Öpik, gave an interview to Daily Express, where he shared the First Space Nation’s goals and ideas.

Öpik talked about the path humanity is taking in order to become a space faring species.

‘We all know it’s going to happen. It’s just a question of when and what exactly the best way to prove this is.’ said Asgardian MP.

‘For us, of course, the most important thing is longevity – staying up there for a while – because if you’re going to live in space you have to know that you can survive in space.’

The discussion also covered future challenges that stand in the way. One of the most crucial questions that has not been answered yet is the problem of human reproduction in space. Another issue is the space radiation people will be constantly exposed to living in space. 

Asgardia’s Chairman of Parliament talked about the availability of resources and energy in space: ‘Any space community has to be able to sustain itself in terms of energy. It’s not realistic to send an oil tanker up there every week.’

Öpik explained Asgardia to the press covering the social, economic and technical aspects of living in space.

Öpik talked about the goals of the First Space Nation, the goals that Head of Nation identified during the First Asgardia Executive Congress that took place in Vienna, Austria on April 10th-12th, 2019. 

‘One of Asgardia’s priority missions is the birth of a human child in space. It must be achieved within the next 20-25 years. Once a child is born in space, this will mean that humanity will continue forever, even if something happens to Earth,’ said Dr Igor Ashurbeyli.

The Head of Nation spoke about Asgardia’s plans and a groundwork that has already been completed at the Asgardia Executive Congress. ‘Spaceflight is very similar to seafaring, and it’s time for mankind to prepare to leave its native harbor and venture out to unknown shores.’ said Dr Igor Ashurbeyli ‘For this, we need to solve two main issues, that can have the following symbolic representation: artificial gravity, the symbolic lower hemisphere, and protection from space radiation, the symbolic upper hemisphere, that together form a Space Ark, similarly to Noah’s Ark.’

Ministers and MPs of the Space Nation are always forthcoming in response to the media’s frequent inquiries and gladly explain the main concepts and mechanisms of their work. 

Recently, The Telegraph published an article about the First Space Nation, where Head of Nation explains, that Asgardia has already become a reality. 

In another interview to the Daily Express, Dr. Lena De Winne, Asgardia’s Minister of Information and Communication, explained how important the nation’s goal of having a first child in space is.

Asgardian MP, Lembit Öpik shared his insight on the innovative nature of the world’s first Space Nation on UK's most popular independent political blog Comment Central. During Licensing Expo 2019 in Las Vegas Chris Voss of the Chris Voss Showinterviewed Asgardian representatives. 'Who we are – we are the future, and we are doing everything for the future generations,' said Minister of Equity and Resources Yana Smelyansky during the interview.

Thanks to their constant work and will to share information about the First Space Nation,Asgardia becomes more and more recognised every day.