Head of Nation Dr. Igor Ashurbeyli met with Minister of Citizenship Ron Schechter and Minister of Information and Communication Lena De Winne to review proposals on biometric IDs the Schechter brought back from working trips to Georgia and Azerbaijan

Prior to his meeting with the Head of Nation, Minister Schechter told Asgardia Space News he plans to implement ID cards as the first generation of Asgardians’ identification documents. The main benefits of this type of ID card are its compact size, and, of course, the embedded chip containing the cardholder’s data. The ID can be used for more than just identification: it can cover banking, medical, and a range of other services.

During his working trip to Baku, Ron Schechter visited the IDRAK TECHNOLOGY TRANSFER headquarters and the plant where biometric equipment prototypes are produced, as well as the offices ASAN, an Azerbaijani state agency providing biometric services and issuing documents to the population.

'My first official visit as Asgardia’s Minister of Citizenship to Baku is very symbolic since Azerbaijan is the homeland of the Head of Nation,' Minister Schechter noted. 'Azerbaijan is at the forefront of biometric technology development since the state population got switched to the biometric identification system fairly recently, and both the experience and the technology are still fresh.'

After his working visit to Azerbaijan, Asgardia’s Minister of Citizenship went to Georgia to meet with Giorgi Vashadze, the founder of Innovation and Development Foundation, former Chairman of the Civil Registry Agency, the man behind the implementation of biometric identification and verification systems in Georgia. Schechter and Vashadze were joined by Zurab Tutberidze, the President of AnyWare Services - Innovative Software Solutions, the company that helped bring the project to life back in 2010.

'Georgia’s experience is important to us since the first step we are planning to make in biometrics is issuing IDs to both residents and citizens of our young state of Asgardia,' Minister Schechtesaid.

Following his visits, Asgardia’s Minister of Citizenship reached an agreement with Giorgi Vashadze, Zurab Tutberidze and IDRAK’s President on drafting a proposal for Asgardia on possible ways of collaborating to implement biometric identification systems, which Schechter submitted to the Head of Nation this week.