Asgardia attracts major attention at the Licensing Expo 2019 Las Vegas, drawing in significant media attention.  Chris Voss of the Chris Voss Show interviewed  with Asgardian representatives and was impressed by what they shared with him

Licensing Expo 2019, the largest licensing trade show in the world, took place in Las Vegas’s Mandalay hotel last week. The event, which attracts more than 16,000 attendees, connects the world’s most influential entertainment, art and corporate brands – such as Penguin Random House, UPS, Viacom/Nickelodeon, Yale and Game of Thrones – with consumer goods manufacturers, licensees and retailers. This year, Asgardia’s Minister of Trade and Commerce Stephane Caiveau, Minister of Equity and Resources Yana Smelyansky, and Minister of Justice Markus Gronbach attended the event for the purpose of sharing the brand of Asgardia and aquiring licenses. 

“We are a community of people who love space from all over the world,” said Caiveau. He said that the future is now, citing the fact that Bank of America predicts that the space industry will reach $3 trillion in the next 30 years, and Forbes says that within the next decade, it will become cheaper to mine an asteroid for gold than to mine on Earth. “We are here to promote our brand and to propose and develop products for our space lovers. We’re very innovative in a way we communicate -- we are a broad, innovative platform...We love everyone who loves space.”

“Space as we’ve seen through [the eyes of] astronauts… the chance to look at Earth from a different angle is something that makes you think about our own planet and how we can make sure to protect it in the longer term,” he added. “It’s a discovery, an exploration, and also a reflection, an introspection in what we are doing, in what we are, by looking at the immensity of where we need to go.”

Much of the attention was given to the new website of the space nation, It has recently been renovated and includes new functionalities that include a social network that facilitates communication among more than a million of Asgardians. It provides both information and up-to-date news and serves as a platform for all things space-related.

“Who we are – we are the future, and we are doing everything for the future generations,” said Smelyansky. “Yes, we are global. That’s the beauty of our project. Everyone who loves space, who wants to read about space, who wants to implement an idea or a lab experiment…we are about science and education. We are all driven by the love of space and science and education, and we’ve achieved so much in the last two years. We’ve +united so many people. We would like to have one humanity, one unity.”

Because of media exposure such as the Chris Voss Show interview, Asgardia is becoming an increasingly more recognizable and popular brand and gaining more and more supporters worldwide. The space nation’s humanistic goal – survival of humanity, as it was proposed by Asgardia’s Head of Nation -- is gaining traction all over the world.

The Chris Voss Show has more than 400,000 followers on various social media channels. Voss, who has almost 3,300 YouTube videos, has been named a Forbes Magazine Top 50 Social Media Influencer, a Top 20 Influnecer by Webinale 2017, and a Top 15 Influencer of CES Show 2018 By DigiObs.