England's capital city has over its history seen a vast number of summits, meetings and talks between political leaders and royals that changed the course of the human history. Some of those meetings were largely public, while others, small and private, the difference in no way affecting the importance of matters discussed. On 8 JUN 0003 (28 MAY 2019), three of Asgardia's leaders – Chairman of  Parliament Lembit Öpik, Minister of Information and Communication Lena De Winne, and Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee Nigel Evans met in London to discuss ways to establish bilateral relations with other nations and organizations

Asgardian MPs are rather enthusiastic about this subject, calling at every digital sitting for a protocol regulating relations with other nations - with new relationships budding, this is absolutely essential for Asgardia’s Foreign Affairs policy today.

Following the meeting with Lena and Lembit, Nigel Evans resumed: “I am extremely pleased to have heard at first hand the insights of the Chair of Parliament and the Minister for Information and Communications regarding the best way for us to reach out to other nations. I know this will help me make sure our Foreign Affairs Committee delivers our duty in the development of international relationships. I will update the Committee and the Minister of Foreign Affairs about our discussions.”

Nigel brings to Asgardia the invaluable experience of his long and notable career in British politics. The Foreign Affairs Committee he is Chairman of will be key in the development of protocols and procedures that will govern the Nation’s interaction with external parties.

The First Asgardia Executive Congress in Vienna set the tone of Asgardian politics as Committee Chairs worked directly with the Ministers to deliver a joint collaborative vision on Asgardia’s roadmap to the future. Free from the divisions of personal ambition or party politics, this trend has continued in the weeks following the Congress. How foreign policy is handled and how International Communications work is an area that has a lot of overlap between the work being done by those in Information & Communication and Foreign Affairs.

Chairman of Parliament Lembit Öpik (left), Minister of Information and Communication Lena De Winne (center), and Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee Nigel Evans in London (right).

Asgardia’s Minister for Information and Communication Lena De Winne who was invited to the meeting by the Chairman of Parliament was encouraged by its outcome.

“I was invited to talk with Mr Evans to understand how my Ministry might interface with the work of his Committee. We did that. Next, he will speak with the Minister of Foreign Affairs. After that, my Ministry can then help to share the fact that Asgardia is open for bilateral business internationally, according to the needs of our nation and for the mutual benefit of Asgardia and those we work with,” - she commented.

Lembit Öpik who presides over the Parliament’s weekly digital meetings is no stranger to the ongoing discussions regarding international protocols. Working towards coordinating the Parliament’s affairs, he has been driving forward suggestions and progress towards a unified vision.

“This meeting is another example of the strategic political focus we are developing in our Nation,” - he remarked. “I am glad that Lena and Nigel were able to meet face-to-face. It’s clear there are significant opportunities for joint working between in regard to their areas of responsibility and respective roles in Parliament and Government. This is another step forward in establishing how Asgardia’s political system operates in terms of preparing for engagement with terrestrial countries. As far as international relations and communications are a concern, it’s looking very promising.'