During the First Asgardia Executive Congress on  16-18 April, 003 (10-12 April, 2019) in Vienna Head of Nation Dr Igor Ashurbeyli was interviewed by the British Sunday Express. He explained that the primary task the First Space Nation sets for itself is humanity’s existence and continuation in space. He noted, however, that Asgardia has also been created to help protect the Earth and the human race

“A system to protect the Earth from hazardous space objects can only be created if governments and countries on Earth unite to achieve this goal,” Dr Igor Ashurbeyli stated. “Then, in my view, such a system can be created within 15-20 years. But, seeing how the governments of the Earth have been unable to come to an agreement over the entire time of their existence, we don’t really have grounds to suppose that they suddenly will [reach an agreement] in the foreseeable future...”

Today’s technologically advanced space telescopes are able to monitor the orbits of smaller space bodies in the Earth’s proximity, but space at large is too unpredictable. A fall of an asteroid, or another near-Earth object of  1 - 1,5 km in diameter would pose a serious threat to our planet, even to the point of its complete destruction. Regardless of any possibility of such a threat being extremely low at present, this can happen sooner or later. Therefore, Asgardia’s scientific community plans to work hard to develop means of detection of space bodies approaching the Earth, and ways of preventing likely collisions.  

“This is exactly why we created Asgardia - a state where all contradictions that exist between countries on Earth are eliminated, and people unite and join effort - particularly, to protect the Earth, while this isn’t the only task Asgardia sets before itself,” - Dr Igor Ashurbeyli said in the interview.