During the First Asgardia Executive Congress on 16-18 April, 003 (10-12 April, 2019) in Vienna, Austria, Head of Nation Dr Igor Ashurbeyli was interviewed by the French science magazine Science & Vie. In the interview he talked of Asgardia’s plans of fulfilling its main mission - the birth of a child in space - and explained when, and in what conditions, this will happen

“One of Asgardia’s priority missions is the birth of a human child in space. It must be achieved within the next 20-25 years. Once a child is born in space, this will mean that humanity will continue forever, even if something happens to the Earth,” said Dr Igor Ashurbeyli.

Two issues need to be solved successfully for humanity to continue and procreate off-planet: one, to create artificial gravity, and the other, to protect from space radiation. With these two tasks solved within the context of scientific and technical progress, Asgardia will be able to perform its chief mission. 

“These tasks will be solved in several stages. First, a research module that will study medical and biological data, will be built on the ISS. The second stage is the construction of a space ark with artificial gravity, radiation protection, and everything necessary for a full life cycle, allowing humans to remain there for decades, on the Earth’s far orbit. The third stage will be the construction of an ark on the Moon’s orbit, followed by the construction of a lunar settlement,” Dr Igor Ashurbeyli explained.