On April 10th-12th, 2019, key members of the first ever Space Nation assembled in the heart of Vienna for the First Asgardia Executive Congress. Representatives of Asgardia’s 12 Parliamentary Committees and 12 Ministries met with the members of the Supreme Space Council and the Head of Nation for a packed agenda that saw ‘Asgardian Politics’ defined, and drew the roadmap to the future

"Asgardia has become a reality”  - these words by Head of Nation Dr Igor Ashurbeyli could become an epigraph for all the 3 days of the Congress.

Here’s our pick of the Congress’ highlights we hope you will enjoy:

The tone of ‘Asgardian politics’ was set

“When I was a politician in Britain, we constantly suspected rival parties to be playing against us,” - said the Chairman of Parliament Lembit Öpik. “We don’t have doubts of this kind in Asgardia. We don’t have political parties that cause division among people, we have a situation where people unite… We share a common view of the future from our Head of Nation.”

Ministers and committee chairs gave twelve presentations to introduce their vision for the future. The Science Minister’s presentation was of particular interest to the audience

Floris Wuyts, Asgardia’s Minister of Science, listed short-term scientific tasks, and also introduced its long-term vision for the next 25 years, which is in creating an appropriate environment for giving birth to healthy humans in space, building human habitats in space and on the Moon, and mitigating radiation hazards.

- Asgardia should seek partnership with other universities, - Mr Wuyts said, -   The erection of ASTRA, Asgardia Science and Technology Research Academia, must be performed!

Asgardia’s first financial report since the preliminary budgets had been approved was delivered by Finance Minister Leon Shpilsky

The new website design was launched

At the Congress all appointments of ministers and chairs were finalised. A ceremonial copy of the Constitution was presented during the inauguration and Head of Nation Dr. Ashurbeyli read the following oath: 

“We, the highest officials of Asgardia, solemnly swear to be loyal to the Space Kingdom of Asgardia, to perfectly comply with its Constitution and laws. To be devoted to our high mission, to direct all our activities for the benefit of the State and the people of Asgardia. To perform our duties responsibly, with due dedication and professionalism.”

Asgardian Members of Parliament from all over the world tuned in via video conferencing software to participate in the Third Digital Parliamentary Session