The first meeting of the editorial board of ROOM Space Journal was held in London at the Royal Aeronautical Society.

Board members Tsuneo Nishida (Former Permanent Representative of Japan to the UN and Board Member of the EastWest Institute), Barbara Ghinelli (Director at Harwell Oxford Space Cluster. Former Executive Chair of the International Space Innovation Centre), and Christopher Welch (Professor of Astronautics and Space Engineering at the International Space University) attended personally.

Dany Van de Ven (Brigadier General (Retd), Belgian Air Force) and Mary Lynne Dittmar (Aerospace expert who has advised NASA, the US Department of Defense and commercial spaceflight entities) joined in by video conference.

Igor Ashurbeyli, who founded ROOM and serves as its editor-in-chief, was in charge of the meeting.

Strategies for the future development of ROOM, which positions itself as an international publication aimed at promoting space exploration and humanity’s peaceful cooperation in space, were discussed amidst a lively debate. New plans going forward – including for the expansion of journal’s web coverage, a greater print distribution network, and themes for future editions, including a special satellite edition – were discussed and confirmed.