Head of Nation has disbanded the Administration of Asgardia that had been its central authority of governance, as the fully established Government will now become the main managing structure in Asgardia; this marks a new stage in the State’s development. At parting, Dr. Igor Ashurbeyli thanked everyone in the Administration

“I consider the tasks of the Administration over the past period fulfilled, and declare the Administration disbanded,” said Dr. Igor Ashurbeyli in the Decree #33.

The Head of Nation also expressed his gratitude to the Head of Administration Mikhail Spokoyny, Deputy Head of Administration Lena De Winne, Deputy Head of Administration in Charge of Legal Affairs Markus Gronbach, Executive Secretary of Administration Alesya Fedorova, and to the other staff members all of whom successfully completed their duties and made a significant personal contribution to the development of Asgardia

The formation of the new Administration, its tasks, structure and staff, will be announced by the Head of Nation in another Decree.  

The Asgardian Government was sworn in on the final day of Asgardia’s Executive Congress, which finalized its formation. The Parliament of the Space Nation confirmed 12 Ministers and 11 Committee Chairs.