Key members of the First Space Nation assembled on April 10 in the heart of Vienna to attend the first Asgardia Executive Congress. While the Ministers have been in collaboration remotely, using a range of digital technologies, this is the first time they come together to meet and work in person.

Head of Nation Dr. Igor Ashurbeyli delivered opening remarks on the first day, recalling the achievements of Asgardia over its 2.5 years of existence. He also listed Congress's immediate tasks: to complete the formation of the Asgardian Government, to swear in the supreme leaders of the State, and to lay the foundation for Asgardia's development program that will be adopted by the Supreme Space Council.

“I am confident that such congresses will become traditional and annual for us,” said the Head of Nation.

Panel sessions then began. Day 1 of the Congress includes 12 presentations in various subject areas, starting with security, and finishing with science and culture. Each report is presented jointly by representatives of two branches of the Asgardian Government: the Minister and the Chair of the respective Parliamentary Committee.

The first presentation covered the topic of security. “Our mission is to ensure that Asgardian citizens, organisations and enterprises, be they Earth-side or space-side, thrive in an environment of great freedom, in which the risks to safety and threats to security are reduced to the point that they become negligible,” said Minister of Safety and Security Philip Appleby.

Fernando Himenez Motte, Chair of Manufacturing Commitee (left) and Stephane Caiveau, Minister of Manufacturing stated that Asgardia is becoming one of the largest players in the field of space exploration

Congress participants were particularly interested in the manufacturing report. “Asgardia is to become one of the largest players in space exploration by creating a profitable enterprise, with ambitious goals like deployment of satellite constellations on low-Earth orbit to provide Internet to everyone on Earth, creation of lunar settlements with habitable moon-bases with production facilities and hydroponic farms, or putting robots on Mars before the arrival of Asgardian explorers to build comfortable structures with 3D printers, using Martian soil and other additives,” said Stephane Caiveau, the Minister of Manufacturing.

The First Asgardia Executive Congress will last three days, in which the Ministers of the Government are expected to be officially sworn into office in an accreditation ceremony that will be attended by key officials of Asgardia, including the Head of Nation Dr. Igor Ashurbeyli.

In the meantime, Asgardian Members of Parliament from all over the world spanning 24 time zones will also be connecting live via video-conferencing software to conduct the Third Digital Session of the Parliament.