Key members of the First Space Nation assembled in the heart of Vienna to attend First Asgardia Executive Congress, marking a pivotal moment in the nation’s history. Here are ten reasons why this Executive Congress is important for Asgardia:

1. It’s the first time the full Government has met in person

It was recently announced that the Government has now been fully formed, with all 12 ministers in place. This was a significant step on the part of Prime Minister Diaz, as she has fulfilled one of her key tasks. While the Ministers have been working collaboratively using a range of digital technologies, this represents the first time they will come together to meet and work in person.

2. Remaining acting ministers will be approved by Parliament

It is the Parliament’s duty to approve appointments made by the Government. At the Executive Congress, the Parliament is expected to approve the appointment of the last few acting ministers, officially bringing the 12 ministries of the Government into full force.

3. Government ministers will be officially sworn into office

During the Executive Congress, the Ministers of the Government are expected to be officially sworn into office during an accreditation ceremony that will be attended by key officials of Asgardia, including Head of Nation Dr. Igor Ashurbeyli.

4. Ministers and parliamentary committees will come together to collaborate

During the Parliament’s Digital Session on April 10, 0003 (April 4, 2019), the Parliament Chair Lembit Öpik stated that, unlike political systems that are mired with party politics and personal ambition, Asgardia’s politics are different, focusing on communication and cooperation. Without “party politics” to cause division, Asgardia’s Ministries and Parliamentary Committees are working together to present solutions to the challenges of establishing a nation in space.

5. The Q1 Financial Report will be delivered by the Minister of Finance

Leon Shpilsky, Asgardia’s Minister of Finance, will be addressing the Congress and outlining the financial reports for the first quarter. This is a significant matter, as it will be the first report since the national budget was approved by Parliament during their second Digital Session.

6. Parliament to hold a digital session

During the Executive Congress, Asgardian Members of Parliament from all over the world spanning 24 time zones are also connected via live video-conferencing software to conduct the Third Digital Session of the Parliament. During the digital session, the Parliament is expected to debate and vote on a range of proposed laws and amendments, including legislation relating to the SOLAR and the Solar Institute, which will serve as the Space Nation’s National Bank.

7. Proposals will be put forward for Asgardia’s short-, medium- and long-term goals

Each of the 12 areas of Asgardia (Information & Communication, Citizenship, Foreign Affairs, Justice, Trade & Commerce, Science, Youth and Education, Culture, Safety & Security, Finance, Equity and Resources and Manufacturing) are represented by Asgardia’s Ministers and their counterparts, the Parliamentary Committee Chairs. They will give a range of speeches and proposals about their vision on how their respective areas will develop and advance in the short, medium and long term.

8. The Supreme Justice of Asgardia will discuss the judicial system

The hard work of the Ministries and the Parliament of Asgardia would be moot if there were no framework in place to ensure that the laws of the nation were tested and enforced. At the Executive Congress, the Supreme Justice of Asgardia will discuss the nation’s judicial system, and what that might look like for a nation that fundamentally operates in space and across borders.

9. Asgardia’s Supreme Space Council members are due to meet

The Supreme Space Council (SSC) consists of the Head of Nation and the SSC Chair Dr. Ashurbeyli; the Parliament Chair Lembit Opik; the Head of Government Ana Mercedes Diaz; the Supreme Justice of Asgardia, Yun Zhao; and Mikhail Spokoyny, the Head of Administration of the Head of Nation of Asgardia. All of the members of the SSC are expected to meet in Vienna to discuss the key issues for the future development of the nation.

10. A roadmap to the future will be formulated

Without doubt, the most important outcome of the Executive Congress is that the Government and Parliament will create a key vision for the direction that the nation needs to take to achieve its goals in reaching the stars. A tentative roadmap for the short-, medium- and long-term goals will allow Asgardia to have a clear focus of how the nation will develop in the coming years.