The leadership for Asgardia’s government is finally in place, with all 12 ministers having been appointed.

The appointment of four acting ministers of the Asgardian Government last week signifies the completion of its formation. Head of Government Ana Mercedes Diaz commented on the appointed and detailed the plans for the near future.

“We have many plans for the remaining nine months of 2019,” she said. “Bilateral meetings will begin with some nations for the recognition of Asgardia as a nation, the first Science Congress will be held this summer, and the Fourth Digital Session of the Parliament will be in October, among other activities that are still in development.”

Diaz explained that the main task now was to consolidate a team, determine the public policies, and design and articulate every ministry’s short-, medium-, and long-term goals.

“Each minister must form a team, design a work plan, establish priorities and seek mechanisms of articulation with each of the other areas of the nation,” said Diaz, adding that the work of the Government will be assessed by its efficiency and effectiveness using the criteria outlined in the plans.

Diaz mentioned that short weekly meetings have been held with the first six ministers who were approved at the second digital session of the Parliament on January 10-12, saying that, “as of February, each new Acting Minister appointed has also been included into these meetings.”

“The first meeting of the Cabinet will take place at the Executive Congress , where for the first time the 12 Ministers of our nation will be physically present,” Diaz said, noting that ministers resided all over the world, including the United States, Israel, Belgium, Turkey, United Kingdom, Spain, Italy, Austria and Russia.

The meeting will be held in April.

The appointed ministers are:

Floris Wuyts – Minister of Science

Leon Shpilsky – Minister of Finance

Ron Schechter – Minister of Citizenship

Olimpia Niglio – Minister of Culture

Philip Appleby – Minister of Safety and Security

Berk Dalver – Minister of Trade and Commerce

Elizabeth Diaz – Acting Minister of Youth and Education

Stephane Caiveau – Acting Minister of Manufacturing

Lena De Winne - Acting Minister of Information and Communication

Markus Gronbach - Acting Minister of Justice

Enrique Moncada - Acting Minister of Foreign Affairs

Yana Smelyansky - Acting Minister of Equity and Resources