Head of Nation Igor Ashurbeyli met in London with the Head of Parliament Lembit Öpik and the Head of Government Ana Mercedes Diaz. They discussed preparations for the next digital Parliamentary Session and the First Asgardia Executive Congress.

The Congress, for the first time in Asgardia’s history, will bring together representatives from all of its government bodies. Asgardian leaders will hear joint reports of committees and ministers on 12 general directions of the space nation’s development, such as science, culture, international relations, and more.

Minister of Science Floris Wuyts is confident that one of Asgardia’s main tasks is to support scientific research all over the world.

“We do not need a real ‘Institute’ yet, like an ‘Asgardian Academy of Science’, housed in a building somewhere, where all the research is done,” he said. “For now, we need a body through which the funding is organized. It has to be decided which groups in the world should get funding for doing specific research in collaboration with the industry and academic and research institutes.”

The Minister of Citizenship, in turn, believes personal data network security to be of acute importance. Because Asgardia as a state is far ahead of countries that exist today, he plans to use the most advanced technologies for creating citizen and resident IDs.

The Asgardia Executive Congress will take place in Vienna on April 10-12, 2019.