Newly published materials present the main development goals of Asgardia – the birth of the first human in space, launching constellations of 10,000 satellites, construction of space arks and moon settlements, establishing the national currency and the investment structure of Asgardia.

The main mission of Asgardia is the birth of the first human in space. For the completion of this goal, three scientific and technological challenges must be solved: the creation of artificial gravity, protection from space radiation, and the construction of a cosmic ark.

On 12 November 2017, the Asgardia-1 satellite was successfully launched from the Wallops flight facility in Virginia, USA. Thus, Asgardia officially became the first nation with territory in space.

Asgardia’s global infrastructure project, which includes the launch of 10,000 satellites with the objective of creating a Global Satellite Internet Network, is also cited among the development goals. The Global Satellite Internet Network would transmit signals and establish communication channels between people utilising Asgardia’s own IP, without the use of radio frequencies on Earth.  

The infrastructure project also involves the launch of carrier rockets from flight facilities that will include a mission control centre and encompass the manufacturing aspects for the projects. Other plans include the construction of Earth arks, the protective space platform, the launch of the state satellites, the launch of Moon satellites, and the construction of Moon settlements and Moon arks.

The booklet reveals that the core aspect of Asgardia’s economy is that citizens are the owners of the national currency, the Solar. The Solar is freely converted into 12 global currencies selected by Asgardians.

The brochure includes a diagram of Asgardia’s investment structure. Seven primary investors will become members of the Supreme Space Council of Asgardia and members of the Asgardia AG Board of Directors. Asgardia AG intends to set equity capital of the company at €15 billion, allocated between individual common shares with nominal value of €1,000 each at the first capital raise.

The main holding company of the Space Kingdom, Asgardia AG, is a company involved in major business activities related to commercial undertakings in space in connection with its plans to launch a large number of satellites.


Booklet of Asgardia