On 14 January 2019, Asgardia’s top officials – Parliament Chair Lembit Opik and Deputy Head of Administration to the Head of Nation Lena De Winne – met with Vincent Meriton, Vice President of Seychelles, in the State House in Victoria on Mahé Island.

During the meeting, Asgardian officials shared details about the creation of the first space nation in the history of humanity. As the Seychellois VP, Meriton oversees the development of civic society in Seychelles, as well as informational and communications technologies, among other things. He received with interest the information about the concept of Asgardia as the first space state, the formation of Asgardia’s branches of government and its government structure, its goals and values that form the basis of this process. Other subjects the officials discussed were Asgardia’s diplomatic, social, scientific and educational goals in the mid- and long term.

Asgardia aims to explore near-Earth space and celestial bodies – an idea worthy of attention for many nations in the 21st century. Asgardia itself has more than a million followers.

Vice President Meriton shared the concept of the Blue Economy, which is currently the focus of the Seychellois government. The Blue Economy Strategic Framework and Roadmap is designed for shifting society from scarcity to abundance by using what is locally available, as well as applying new techniques to tackling issues that cause environmental and other problems. The original Blue Economy concept was developed by Gunter Pauli, often called ‘the Steve Jobs of sustainability’, who strived to look for the best nature-inspired technologies. Seychelles is championing the Blue Economy as its future sustainable development model.

Both sides remarked on the similarity of their outlooks on the main issues and concerns of the 21st century: protection of the environment (be it planet Earth, the oceans, or outer space), as well as the need for a responsible attitude and sustainable development. Based on this synergy, representatives of both nations already agreed to continue their discussions in the near future on all issues that are of interest to both nations.