Аsgardian Parlamentarians met for the last time this Saturday, concluding three days of the parliamentary session that was led by Parliament Chair Lembit Opik. During the meeting, Parliamentary Committee Chairs and Deputy Chairs continued sharing presentations and discussing issues on the session’s agenda.

Acting Finance Minister Leon Shpilsky addressed the MPs and Committee Chairs and discussed new economic proposals, covering, among other things, Citizenship/Residence Fee issues. After this session, MPs are set to vote on Asgardia’s national budget for the first time. The overall framework of the budget and specific fund allocation will be discussed separately.

Manufacturing Committee Chair is Fernando Jimenez Motte made a presentation on Asgardia’s long-term plans for infrastructure development and voiced an intent to disclose the plans to all Asgardians in the near future.

In addition, Foreign Affairs Committee Deputy Chair Mauricio Garrot addressed Mr. Opik on foreign policy issues, to be followed up on a later date with the Parliament Chair.

Votes will be cast this Sunday by noon CET.