Head of Nation Dr. Igor Ashurbeyli met acting Minister of Science of Asgardia Floris Wuyts in his Moscow office. They discussed plans for developing scientific activities in Asgardia, covering major directions for the forthcoming research.

Considering that the main goal of Asgardia is establishing a settlement on the Moon, scientific activities mostly focus on important topics regarding human habitats in space. Life support systems have to be further optimised to enable continuous supply of water and food. Yet, this research and development also benefits people on Earth in remote areas such as deserts, with scarce water resources.

“Challenges in space research regarding human physiology have to take all physiological systems into account, simultaneously,” Professor Wuyts told Asgardia Space News. “This pushes scientists to think harder about solutions. That is one of the great things on space research. The Moon is an important next step to aim at. We should focus our endeavors to enable habitats on the Moon for humans to stay there for a certain period.”

The scientific challenges in Asgardia, which the Ministry of Science intends to focus on, include radiation protection, life support systems and procreation in space. First steps in the realization of habitats in low earth orbit should focus on artificial gravity.