The Nonprofit Non-Government Expert Society on Space Threat Defense (the ESSTD for short) has been granted special consultative status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC).

Consultative status allows the ESSTD to actively engage with ECOSOC and its subsidiary bodies, as well as with the UN Secretariat, programmes, funds and agencies in many different ways.

The ESSTD was founded in 2004 in Russia by a group of leading scientists and constructors specialising in aerospace environmental security. It currently has 138 active members and 64 organisations represented in its council.

The goal of the ESSTD is to unite the efforts of a wide-ranging circle of independent, reputable scientists and experts from all parts of the world for the purpose of conducting research in the area of aerospace environmental security and peaceful space exploration, as well as for other scientific/technical lines of inquiry, monitoring, analysis, and expert evaluation.

The main aims of the ESSTD – which have to do with cosmic environmentalism, the problem of space debris, and the threat of asteroids/comets as a global issue that ultimately requires the development of an effective international defence system – are borne out of diversified analysis and the integrity of combined research into the theoretical and practical issues of aerospace security.

Dr. Igor Ashurbeyli is one of the founders of the ESSTD, as well as the elected chairman of its council.