Head of Nation Dr. Igor Ashurbeyli released Decree № 28, summing up the results of verification of elected Members of Parliament of Asgardia. The final list of the current Members of Parliament of Asgardia as of the date of this Decree is confirmed by this document in accordance with Decree No. 21, and with the ruling of the Supreme Justice of the Court of Asgardia, Professor Yun Zhao, who had previously signed the Ruling regarding the Status of Unverified Asgardian Members of Parliament.  

According to this ruling, the elected representatives who have not been verified by the date of 12 October (by the Earth calendar) shall be exempted from their status as Asgardian Members of Parliament Elect. The number of Parliamentarians is set at the number who have been elected and confirmed through the verification process at that calendar date. Until the time of by-elections according to the Constitution and laws, this number represents the quorum for Parliament. 

Those who have lost their status as Asgardian Members of Parliament Elect do not lose their constitutionally guaranteed rights as residents of Asgardia. They may also once again put forth their candidacies in the future elections to the Parliament of Asgardia.