The first Space Science and Investment Congress organised by The Space Nation of Asgardia will take place 17-21 June, 2019 in Trend Eventhotel Pyramid, in Vösendorf, Austria. 

Meet the world‘s leading scientists and researchers, learn about recent developments in science and technology, take an opportunity to present your research to a high profile audience at Asgardia’s Space Science and Investment Congress.

Key areas of this year’s congress are fundamental science, advanced applied science and technological innovation, investment projects and start-ups, as well as research related to space exploration.

Topics that will be covered at the congress include:

- Astrobiology, space medicine and human physiology in orbit and on the Moon;

- Microgravity and artificial gravity issues;

- New materials for space exploration;

- Space debris and countermeasures against it;

- Earth observation, communications, small satellites;

- Power supplies and future propulsion systems;

- Orbital stations and settlements for temporary and permanent habitation in orbit and on the Moon;

- AI systems in space research and exploration;

- Investment projects, start-ups, business innovations;

- Space and education.

The congress that will host 6 keynote speeches, 72 presentations in plenary sessions, 6 panel discussions and 40 standup presentations by young scientists and PhD students, is promising to become a new landmark on the international space exploration landscape.

Congress Chairman:

Dr. Igor Ashurbeyli

Coordinator: Anna Grigg

Chairman Assistant: Sophia Winkler