Asgardia is in the process of designing and developing its cryptocurrency, the SOLAR, and needs your help to decide what currencies would work best for our nation and our future citizens.

Current plans are to select 12 currencies based on votes from our community to determine what the 12 most popular currencies in Asgardia could be.

With the results from your voting, the Ministry of Finance and its counterpart parliamentary committee will analyse and test how SOLAR might be freely exchanged against those currencies in open markets and, at what future exchange rates.

For this phase, only open markets can be used to determine the actual exchange rates for the solar and, it must be against freely convertible currencies.

Once this process has been undertaken, Asgardia’s Government can begin the conversion process as soon as there is a market for SOLARS against the 12 selected currencies.

So, get voting and let Asgardia know what currencies you think should be in the basket.