In what constituted yet another foray onto the world stage, on 25 June 2018, at the Hofburg palace in Vienna, Igor Ashurbeyli was inaugurated as Asgardia's Head of Nation.

The world took notice, and as more people continue to join the ranks of Asgardians, the nation's population size has now jumped to 171st place, with 203,560 citizens and 261,155 residents worldwide, just a few places behind Barbados and Iceland.

With media outlets reporting on the historic event across the globe, hundreds of thousands viewed the inauguration online, and more than 43,000 became citizens in the last few days.

In his inaugural address, Ashurbeyli stated: "We have thus established all branches of nation, and now I can therefore declare, with confidence, that Asgardia -- the first Space Nation of the united humankind has been born."

With several major milestones to meet by the end of 2018, Asgardia's momentum is set to continue.