Head of Nation Igor Ashurbeyli has signed Decree No. 16 “On the results of elections to the first Parliament of Asgardia.” The official document has been published on the Asgardia.space website. The document states that in accordance with the protocol of the Central Electoral Commission (CEC), the first parliamentary elections of Asgardia, which took place on 1-9 March 2018, have been deemed valid.

The protocol of the Counting commission, included with the official document, confirms that the log-files of the final voting period showed the absence of violations and vote falsifications.

The decree also states that not all candidates have been able to meet the mandatory requirements of the CEC in due time, as a result of which there are some vacancies in the Parliament. At the moment, 100 (out of the required 150) people are listed as Members of Parliament on the Asgardia.space website.

Head of Nation Igor Ashurbeyli has announced the by-elections to the Parliament of Asgardia, which will take place 16 April – 16 May 2018.