Dear Asgardians!

I congratulate you on the Asgardian national holiday – Year Day by the Asgardian calendar, 31 December by the Earthly calendar!

This is the first year of our nation's existence, which will forever become part of the history of the future space humanity. During the first year of our nation’s existence, we have achieved a lot: there are more than 163,000 of us, citizens who reside in more than 200 countries on Earth. We have our own Constitution, flag, coat of arms, anthem, and, finally, our sovereign territory in space, which we obtained after the launch of the Asgardia-1 satellite on 12 November of this year.

I am sure that during the next, 0002 year in Asgardia, 2018 by the Earthly calendar, we will finalize the formation of all government entities, issue our own cryptocurrency, obtain universal ID cards and passports, and continue our existence as the first full-fledged, recognized space nation in the history of human civilisation.

I wish you, Asgardians, and your family members, your loved ones, as well as all residents of our sole homeland, planet Earth, health, warmth, prosperity and all the joys in life!

Head of nation,

Igor Ashurbeyli