On 12 November 2017, the space nation’s first satellite, Asgardia-1, was successfully launched into space from the Wallops Flight Facility in Virginia, USA. Head of Nation Igor Ashurbeyli was present to oversee the launch.

The launch of Asgardia’s first satellite establishes the nation’s sovereign territory in space and satisfies the last condition necessary for admission to the UN: that in addition to the Constitution, a government and a currency, the nation must have a territory. Asgardia’s Constitution has already been accepted; its cryptocurrency, the Solar, is registered at the European Union Intellectual Property Office, and the government formation is underway.

The Asgardia-1 satellite is contained within the Orbital ATK Cygnus spacecraft, which is flying atop the Antares rocket to the International Space Station. From the ISS, the satellite will be deployed to outer space, flying in low Earth orbit.

Asgardia-1 contains Asgardia’s Constitution, national symbols and other documents, as well as files uploaded by Asgardians.