At the second Asgardian press conference, seven months after Asgardia was founded, it was announced that things are moving along quickly.

Head of Nation – Term Limit

First, Head of Nation Igor Ashurbeyli announced that he has constitutionally limited his own authority to a five-year period. “This will allow Asgardians to thoughtfully define how they see their future, and to incorporate necessary changes into the Constitution and the laws of Asgardia,” he said.

The Constitution

The Head of Nation assured Asgardian citizens that nothing is set in stone. “Today I am calling upon everyone to vote for this Constitution as it is presented. It may change many times, the same as our Asgardian space humanity will change. But today we must not waste time.”

Asgardia’s Government

Ashurbeyli emphasized that he plans to have a fully operational government in place in the next six months: “According to our Constitution, in only six months, we have to form the Parliament of Asgardia based on the language representativeness principle. And in the three months after – the Government, the Court, The Prosecutors Office, the National Audit Office and the other governmental bodies.”

Decree No 6 – Voting Is Open!

Ashurbeyli urged Asgardians to ratify the Constitution, choose the national symbols and leadership elections. “Without this we would be a fake nation, a sophisticated computer game. And this is not what we want,” said Ashurbeyli.

“We want to build a serious, legitimate, independent first space nation, which is recognised by the Earth states and the United Nations, and which is facing towards space in its development.”

Sending Files to Space

The Head of Nation encouraged Asgardians to invite their parents, brothers, sisters, extended family and friends to join and send files to space.

After they ratify the Constitution, Asgardians are encouraged to send their files to space. The first 100,000 people who became Asgardian citizens can send up to 500KB each to Asgardia-1 once they’ve accepted the Constitution. The next 400,000 Asgardians can send up to 200KB. The next million citizens can send up to 100KB each. After that, free storage will be closed.

“These are historic days, and your names and data will forever stay in the memory of the new space humanity, as they will be reinstalled on every following Asgardia satellite, orbital satellite constellations, on the Moon and anywhere in the Universe – wherever Asgardia will be,” said Ashurbeyli.