On November 12, 2016, the one-month anniversary of Asgardia, Igor Ashurbeyli held a press conference on the key issues that concern the first-ever space nation. Ashurbeyli touched upon vital issues in the further development of Asgardia and addressed many of the questions that have arisen in the last few weeks. The press-conference was aimed at both the over half a million registered Asgardians and those who have expressed interest in the nation.

In the first 20 days since Asgardia was announced on 12/10/2016, over half a million people had registered on the asgardia.space website. While the expectations were to reach 100,000 future Asgardians by the end of the year, that number was reached within the first 40 hours. Registration was temporarily stopped at midnight on 31/10/2016, as Asgardia now moves into the second stage - verifying the registrations to make sure they are unique, there are no bots, underage minors without permission, etc. Those who confirm their identity will get a special certificate with their unique Asgardian number and a symbol of Asgardia. It is also time to vote for the Declaration of Unity of Asgardia, which will declare the core values of Asgardia and will become the basis for the preparation and ratification of the Asgardian Constitution.

Ashurbeyli asked Asgardians to confirm his temporary authority as the Head of Asgardia, so that he may represent the Asgardian Nation in talks with Earth countries and the UN in order to have Asgardia gain recognition as a full independent state and a UN membership. Immediately after a temporary government will be formed, whose three main tasks will be to get Asgardia recognized as a nation, to hold elections in Asgardia and to launch the first Asgardian satellite.

As the result of the elections in 2017, Asgardia will have its own parliament, government and council at three levels: state-wide, continental, and regional chapters. Their main functions and power will be determined as the result of an all-nation discussion.

Contest for the Asgardian flag, motto, salutation, anthem and insignia are in progress, and voting is already on-going.

A forum will be opened on the Asgardia site in the nearest future. Everyone is invited to use it as a discussion space for all of the issues listed above and more, and for all the questions concerning the development of Asgardia. Ashurbeyli thanked all the volunteers for their initiative and excellent work – and invited new volunteers to join.

He touched upon the subject of Asgardian mass media outlets and addressed the issue of correspondence with the first space nation, promising to answer non-standard questions and offers himself in his new blog, to become available online in the next few weeks.

During the first month of its existence, Asgardia was subject to several attacks - cyber ones as well as attacks on its reputation. There have also been cases of pressure, threats and blackmail attempts. “I am declaring that Asgardia is a peaceful nation – but a strong one. We will protect planet Earth from space threats, but we will also not compromise in protecting Asgardia and our citizens to the fullest,” said Ashurbeyli.

According to Ashurbeyli, Asgardia's budget for 2017 will be made public in December. In order to fulfill the budget, a second, commercial website will be opened –asgardia.com, where revenue generating offers both through business projects and charitable ones will be discussed. Asgardia is currently continuing to accept applications.