Capricornus 16, 0003 (December 18, 2019), Head of Nation Dr Igor Ashurbeyli issued Decree No. 39, announcing the creation of a work group to prepare a draft law on the Judicial System of Asgardia

The announcement is based on the decision of the IV sitting of the Supreme Space Council made on Sagittarius 24, 0003 (November 28, 2019) in Moscow.

Supreme Justice of Asgardia Yun Zhao is to lead the work group. Chair of the Justice Committee Salvos Mouzakitis and Minister of Justice Markus Gronbach are included in the group.

A draft law on the judicial system shall be prepared and submitted for the first reading at the first Parliament Sitting in February 2020. The document will then be prepared for final adoption by next May.

Until May, the names of relevant continental judge candidates have to be presented for approval by the Supreme Space Council. Their inauguration ceremony is planned to take place at Asgardia's Executives' Congress scheduled for May 2020 in Montreal, Canada.

Decree No. 39