Dr. Igor Ashurbeyli

Alias: Ashurbekov or Asurbeyov – Azeri ancestral family name

Work address and e-mail: Aerospace International Research Center, Schwedenplatz 2/22, 1010, Vienna, Austria, editor@room.eu.com

Profile: Scientist, businessman, and innovator. In 1988, he became the founder and first general manager (GM) of Socium, originally a small software and consulting company, now a large holding with over 10,000 employees worldwide. Socium’s slogan is “Per Socium Ad Astra” – which emphasizes the need for community and cooperation in humanity’s path towards the stars and expanded exploration of space. Active in business and science, he is not affiliated with any political organisation or movement and prefers to participate in expert communities of scientists, professionals and entrepreneurs. In 2010, he was awarded the State Science & Technology Prize, given to him for achievements in the development and use of a new generation of micro-technology communications systems, and controls for mobile air defence systems and critical facilities. The State Science & Technology Prize is the highest honour a Russian scientist can achieve.

Education: Dr. of Science in Engineering, PhD in Engineering, specialisation in Computer Science.